Travelmate App

Mar 15, 2022

User Interface (UI) Design

Travelmate Inc.

Figma, Adobe XD

Travelmate App

BlockSurvey is a blockchain-based form creation tool and in the peak of the web3 wave, we decided to collaborate on a landing page vertical catering to crypto companies. We also wanted to leverage cold outbound as a channel to target these crypto companies and direct them to the landing page. The goal was to communicate the product's value proposition to the ICP and make sure they signed up for the free trial — both in the email as well as the landing page. We started off by doing a lot of competitor and user research. We studied competitors like Typeform and carved out a unique value proposition. In BlockSurvey's case, this was blockchain and privacy-focused. We mentioned this in the headline and sub-headline. We then clubbed our features together into value-based themes and communicated the features in context of privacy & decentralization. Once the landing page wad ready, we prepared a list of companies to reach out to and crafted an email sequence to send out along with follow-ups. The CTRs were around 8% and the landing page itself converted at 7.5%.