Anywhere Landing Page Revamp

Aug 17, 2023

Landing page optimization



EcoTech Branding

Anywhere is a project & task management tool competing with the likes of Asana, Monday, Clickup in a very crowded market. The landing page wasn't converting and MarketCurve stepped in to help. We started by diagnosing the problem and conducting an audit of the landing page. We identified UX issues that needed to be fixed. Post which, we identified the core ICP to target. We also did a competitor survey to understand how users were feeling about the alternative solutions and what their shortcomings were. Bawd on this data, we created a product positioning statement & a value proposition canvas. We created a new landing page fixing the UX issues, along with a well-fleshed out positioning & value-propositions. The page went live the day after delivery. 6 weeks in, the page is performing at a 7% conversion rate and converting high-quality users.