UserPilot Teardown

May 8, 2023

Lessons Learned:

  1. Make the headline start with a verb - Unlock is such a powerful word.

  2. The headline is so clear and packed with value - Unlock what? growth opportunities? When? At every stage of the user journey.

  3. Each headline is so well-written. Starts with a verb - boost. Boost what? Secondary feature adoption.

  4. Each sub-headline has 2 sentences. Every sentence starts with a verb.

  5. Some patterns I’m breaking down:

    1. Reduce. Reduce what? Time to value. For whom? New signups & then what will happen? They will get up and running. With what? Your key product features.

    2. Adjust. Adjust what? the onboarding experience based on persona. AND keep iterating to optimize for your activation goals.

    3. Keep users engaged. How? By highlighting relevant features throughout the user journey

    4. Accelerate the user adoption cycle. How? by helping customers become more successful at every step of the mapped journey. Keep the product experience relevant based on their persona and in-app behavior.

    5. increase metrics like trial conversions and upsells. How? By running in-product growth experiments. Test your hypotheses to understand what leads to growth events, and quickly fix dropouts in the user journey.

  6. Start with a verb OR benefit. And then ask questions like: For whom? How? Then break that down.

Improvement areas:

  1. I would change the “Growth insights, engagement layers, user sentiment” cards with 4 cards of activation, retention, expansion & adoption. This would help the user better understand what’s to come in the next section. And would prime him in a better condition.

  2. I would add small tick marks showing features corresponding to the 4 separate value propositions.

  3. I would remove the last 2 card sections of adoption & retention. And instead, add another card based layout giving a TLDR of all the product features

  4. I would add more social proof - just one is too less.

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