SaaS landing page

SaaS Value Themes: How to write 80% of your landing page copy

Apr 27, 2023

A value theme is a cluster of 3-4 features that make sense together.

For eg, let’s imagine we want to find the value themes a no-code website builder. In our case, the features are: drag and drop templates, AI editor, and editable components.

These 3 features can be clustered together to create a value theme like:

Design, write and customize your website in minutes.

If 3 features are all you have, this will work for your main hero headline as well. If not, this becomes your headline for the value theme.

Then, you expand upon this value theme in the sub-headline in 2 short sentences.

The first sentence: Show the problem with the status quo. The 2nd sentence: Show how your users life will change with his value theme.

After which, you show the 3 main features corresponding to the value themes. From a design standpoint, there are a couple directions you can take.

#1: You can create a bullet list of the features to make the text easy to scan.

#2: You can create 3 cards that show off your features - each with a headline & sub-headline.


  • Make a list of all your features.

  • Label those features.

  • Cluster similar features into one bucket.

  • Write the headline using this value-theme.

  • Expand upon your value themes in the sub-headline in 2 sentences.