Hero Section Audit

Landing Page Teardown #1: TypeDream

Feb 6, 2023

Headline Length: 9/10

The ideal SaaS headline length is between 6-9 words. This hits the sweet spot at 7 words.

Headline impact quotient: 5/10

The headline is super generic. And when you compare to the 100s of other website builders out there, the messaging doesn’t stand out. And as result, the headline is low in impact.

Headline Curiosity Quotient: 4/10

Any good headline captures attention. This headline fails to do this.

Headline Benefit Quotient: 6/10

The headline does mention a benefit and suggests to the reader that he can build a page in minutes. But it could be communicated in a better way.

Sub-headline Impact Quotient: 6/10

The sub-headline communicates what the product does but it’s feature-heavy. The sentence is also too long - exactly 17 words long.

Readability Index: 8/10

Overall, the above-the-fold section is very easy to read. It’s written in easy-to-understand language.

CTA impact: 6/10

Simply staying start with free, which seems generic, making the CTA more action-focused and benefit-heavy would make it more impactful. Eg: Build your first website for free.

3 ways to make it better:

  • Show the problem with existing solutions in the market and what it’s costing them.

  • Show how Typedream solves this problem.

  • Use social proof to communicate how other people are using Typedream to solve their problem.

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