Staring in front of a blank page while writing your SaaS landing page copy?

Apr 28, 2023

Follow this step by step action plan.

Recognize the customer awareness levels:

Unaware: User has no clue about the problem you’re solving
Problem aware - he’s aware of his problem
Solution aware - He’s aware of the solutions available
Product aware - he’s aware of your specific solution
Most aware - he’s considered buying from you.

On your landing page, (TOFU) more often that not, you’ll want to target problem-aware & solution-aware folks.

If your user falls in this stage, show your promise + invoke the problem he’s facing in the headline. Then, in the sub-headline,
show the after-effects of what will happen to the user when he uses your product,

After which, you go back to highlighting the main problem once again in 1 sentence. Once you do this, now’s the time to begin unpacking your product.

Create 3 main value themes of your product. Cluster your features into value themes. Write 2 sentences on each value theme. Sentence 1: Show the problem with the status quo. The 2nd sentence: Show how your users life will change with his value theme.

Within each of these value themes, show the corresponding features in bullet forms. Followed by a customer quote and a CTA.

Add more social proof.

Then you add a headline that calls out your customers reiterating your promise and the problem you’re solving. Along with a TLDR of all your features - make sure each feature corresponds to the promise and problem you’re solving.

Finally, add a last CTA. And you’re all set.