How to match your SaaS user intent to your user awareness levels with content

May 2, 2023

What is user intent? When people search online, they expect results that satisfy their desires.

User intent is closely related to your customer awareness levels:

There are 5 main types of customer awareness levels:

  • Unaware - User is unaware of his problem

  • Problem aware - user faces this problem and is aware of it

  • Solution aware - user is aware of solutions to his problem

  • Product aware - user is aware of your product as a solution

  • Most aware - he likes your solution & is primed to purchase

For every product, your user starts at one of these awareness levels and moves up the ladder. User-intent content is one of the mediums through which this happens.

There are 3 main types of user intent:

  • Informational - user is looking for information to solve a particular problem. This corresponds to the problem aware user.

  • Navigational - Once necessary info is collected, our user becomes solution aware, and now compares different solutions in the market.

  • Transactional - Once he’s done comparing, he’s now product aware. At this stage, all he needs is a refresher of your features, your product demo, your UX, your benefit statement. And a bit of consumer psychology to nudge him to take action.

Once the user goes through his intent + awareness levels, you have yourself a customer. Now, this is where you actively nurture him, help out your new customers so he can get the most out of your product.

Define a threshold of action that determines the user has shown intent to engage with your product. If after passing this threshold, the user doesn’t upgrade or churns, study why that is the case. And address that in your product UX, or marketing messaging.

Your landing page is one of these elements that makes the system tick - taking the problem and solution user to become aware of your product. Say the right words, address his objections and you'll find yourself a customer.

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