SaaS landing page

The SaaS Landing Page copy structure that converts at 3.9%

Apr 26, 2023

Sticky header - Have the signup and login buttons here so these primary buttons are always at hand for the user.

Headline - 1 short sentence between 5-8 words explaining 1 main benefit of your product.

Sub-headline - A single sentence of what your tool is, and how you’re providing the benefit you promised in the headline.

Screenshot - Include sexy screenshot or a muted Loom video to show your product in action.

CTA - Signup button for new users

Problem Statement: 1 sentence header about the problem you’re solving and why the status quo sucks

Solution: 1 sentence sub-headline explaining your solution to the problem and what will happen to your users once they use your solution

Benefits: 3 main value proposition statements. For each benefit, have a headline followed by 3 bulleted points + a social proof element + CTA

Features TLDR: Give a card-based TLDR of your features to give users a summary of the features of your product

Testimonials: Add social proof here - Use around 7-10 of these quotes. 

Name your audience directly: A one-liner explaining who the product is for along with the main primary value proposition mentioned in the hero headline.

Pricing: Write 1 sentence headline about how many people just like your prospect is using your product. Then show the pricing.

Footer: Have a link to resources, blogs, newsletter, and privacy policy, Terms of service & email for users to get in touch with you.