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4 syntaxes to convert your SaaS features into benefits

Apr 17, 2023

Each value proposition has 3 sentences. Each sentence has a specific purpose. These are the syntaxes I came up with after studying B2B SaaS landing pages.

Syntax 1:

S1: Use product adjective analogy. (Eg: Product is as simple as dragging and dropping).

S2: Drive home that yes it is the case.

S3: Close the loop by explaining how your product makes it happen.

Syntax 2:

S1: Pose the problem your product solves as a question.

S2: Tell users that it doesn’t have to be a problem at all.

S3: Show the reason WHY this is not a problem and HOW your solution solves for this problem.

Syntax 3:

S1: Create a context why the existing status quo is suboptimal.

S2: Show HOW the product enhances your existing sub-optimal state.

S3: Show WHAT benefits the user will get from this new enhanced optimal state.

Syntax 4:

S1: Use questions to challenge the status quo.

S2: explains the XYZ feature and HOW it will benefit the user.

S3: drive home WHY its something you can’t do without. And WHY it’s a game-changer.