Convert "meh" users into "WOAH" users for your SaaS

May 5, 2023

A meh user is someone who tries out your product, even pays for it, but doesn't engage with it consistently.

A WOAH user on the other hand is someone who consistently uses your product over a fixed duration of time (monthly, daily, weekly).

It is important to convert your meh users into WOAH users because:

  • Users with consistent usage habits stay longer aka have a higher LTV

  • WOAH users are more likely to upgrade and increase your expansion MRR

  • MEH users are more likely to churn

Convert your Meh users into WOAH users in 7 steps:

Step 1: Define how many sessions a week/month/day you consider “power usage.” for your product.

Step 2: Create a cohort of users who cross that threshold and study their behaviors within their app.

Step 3: Survey them and ask for their feedback - what benefits have they experienced by being a power user of your product? How has their life changed?

Step 4: Now, study patterns of product usage among these meh users and how their use pattern is different from power users .

Step 5: Create email drip sequences citing case studies of successful power users and how their life changed after using your product. Show your non-power users what they're missing out on + add a relevant CTA.

Step 6: Understand what's stopping them from becoming a power user and how you can help them make the leap.

Step 7: Make onboarding & UX tweaks based on your cumulative research for new users and analyze performance.

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