Using the Hero’s Journey on your SaaS landing page - The most powerful storytelling framework

May 7, 2023

The TLDR: The hero (your customer) has a problem and meets a guide (you) who gives them a plan (your product) and calls them to action that helps them avoid failure and ends in success (reach his desired goal).

There are 12 parts to the Hero’s journey on your landing page:

1. Ordinary world: Our hero is struggling with a problem that he desperately wants to get rid of. Pinpoint this problem.

2. Dream - He envisions of a better life devoid of this problem.

3. Guide - He comes across you in this problem-state.

4. Empathy: You show how you understand his pain, and how they’re not alone in this.

5. Victory - Show how others have gotten out of this problem-state and so will our hero.

6. Transformative vision: Show him what he needs to do to change his problem-state. And what is the outcome he can expect once he commits to this. Show what will happen if he does not commit to this.

7. Offer: Show the features of your product that will help our hero realize this transformative vision.

8. Proof - Show how others like you have used your solution to enter this transformative step, & what their life looks like now.

9. Value Justification - show how your solution will give them 5x-10x more compared to the risk they’re taking.

10. Risk Reversal - Offer some guarantee, or help to help our hero take this risk that will change his life.

11. Free gift - Give a free gift to incentivize our hero to take this risk.

12. Ask - invite them to commit and purchase your product.

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