7 steps to nail Loom’s What-Whom-How Writing Framework for your SaaS

May 8, 2023

Loom is a $1.5 billion startup. It's a household name in the tech space. But there's one copywriting framework that they use on all their landing pages that drives growth.

It's called the What-Whom-How framework - It’s a game-changer especially if you're B2B SaaS.

It's stupid simple to execute - here are the 7 steps you need to nail this framework.

Step 1: Make a list of ACTION VERBS your product is associated with - Grow, Accelerate, Unlock, Increase etc are all power verbs.

Step 2: How to find your ACTION verbs? Three ways: (a) Scrape verbs your customer has written about your product. (b) Find verbs your competitors use to describe their product. (C) Find verbs that your competitors users are using to describe their experience.

Step 3: Finalize a list of 10-15 verbs. We're gonna be using this to write our landing page sub-headline in 1 sentence.

Step 4: Choose the most impactful verb from your list. Let's choose "unlock" for our use-case.

Step 5: Once you've written your verb, now ask "what" - what does my product unlock? In our case, our product unlocks growth.

Step 6: Now ask "for whom" - Continuing this example, we would write "unlock growth for your product team".

Step 7: Now, you finish this sentence by asking "how" - The sentence now becomes "unlock growth for your product team by delivering personalized in-app experiences.

And this is how you write one clear sentence that is packed with value & drive more users to sign up on your SaaS landing page.

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