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Landing Page Teardown #2: Bannerbear

Feb 6, 2023

Headline Length: 8/10

  • The ideal SaaS landing page headline length is between 6-9 words.

  • At 5 words long, the headline is pretty short and takes up little time to go through.

Headline impact quotient: 3/10

  • The headline is super generic. And the term “marketing” is very broad.

  • The product itself is an API platform. The headline doesn’t give a clue as to what the product actually is about.

Headline Curiosity Quotient: 3/10

  • Any good headline captures attention.

  • This headline fails to do this. It’s as bland and generic as it gets.

Headline Benefit Quotient: 4/10

  • The headline does mention a benefit and suggests to the reader that he can automate his marketing.

  • It doesn’t define what the scope of this automation is.

  • Neither does the headline define what the scope of marketing is.

  • If it was more specific, the benefit would have been more apparent.

Sub-headline Impact Quotient: 6/10

  • The sub-headline communicates what the product does but it’s feature-heavy.

  • The sentence is also too long - exactly 16 words long.

  • I like how the copy used “you” in the sub-headline - that’s a good thing to follow.

Readability Index: 8/10

  • Overall, the above-the-fold section is very easy to read.

  • It’s written in easy-to-understand language.

  • But the copy itself could be more persuasive and informative without compromising on readability.

CTA impact: 6/10

  • Simply saying start with free seems generic

  • Making the CTA more action-focused and benefit-heavy would make it more impactful.

  • Bannerbear offers a 30-free credit system. Using this in its CTA would make it more impactful.

3 ways to make it better:

  • Make the headline copy more specific to the user and his problem

  • Make the sub-headline shorter. Break it down into 2 sentences of 6-9 words each.

  • Make the CTA action-focused and leverage the 30-free credit pricing model as an incentive to act.

Other ideas:

  • The screenshot on the right doesn’t do its job - which is to show the users a teaser of the platform.

  • A slick demo video 2-3 mins long would be a good investment.

  • Adding social proof right below the CTA would also be a good idea.

  • Something like a customer quote would go a long way to reduce users’ cognitive friction.

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