Concise Writing

Communicate your SaaS product’s value prop concisely using these 10 ideas.

Apr 25, 2023

#1: Use active voice over passive voice: “Jim bought an annual subscription to Regis” is better than “An annual subscription of Regis was bought by Jim.

#2: Get rid of -ly words - collaboratively, creatively, passionately are all examples if adverbs. The best-selling novels come in with 25% fewer adverbs than the average novel that amateur writers post online.

#3: Say what something is rather than what it isn’t. - Instead of saying “this software is error-free”, say “this software is consistent” or “stable.”

#4: Limit one sentence to one idea: Make each sentence about one tiny idea. Then expand upon that idea in the next sentence. And then some more.

#5: Use a combination of long & short sentences: Long sentences take you on a journey. Short ones state the truth - This is how/what it is.

#6: Read, highlight & rewrite: Read your sentence aloud. The highlight the most important words in that sentence. Rewrite, your sentence by highlighting the most important words.

#7: Use word repetition - “The all in-one digital notebook. For all-in-one working professionals”. Classic example of repetition at play.

#8: Don’t be boring - When each sentence follows the same structure and rhythm, your writing becomes boring.

#9: Follow the REAMP framework: Your sentence has rhythm, easy to read, authentic, meaningful, and polished.

#10: Keep your Flesch Score low - It’s a readability metric. Keep your Flesch score to 5, and you can be sure your writing is super easy to understand. Hemmingway had a Flesch score of 3 to 4.2.